We call SAS Flower of Youth™ the Simple Beauty Solution. It is foundation product you use after washing your face. After that you can choose any other beauty products you desire. No gimmicks, no upsell.

Here’s why you would want to use SAS Flower of Youth™ Facial Lift Spray. Many factors, both extrinsic and intrinsic, cause your skin to age, diminishing your youthful appearance. One of the main factors is the loss of collagen as we age. Collagen forms a close and woven elastic net that locks moisture into your skin, retaining your skin's elasticity. Natural collagen loss coupled with exposure to harsh environmental stressors expedites skin aging. External factors include polluted air, ultra-violet rays, stressful lifestyles, chemical toxins and chemical substances in make-up. Now with SAS Flower of Youth™ Facial Lift Spray, you have the solution to help restore your collagen loss to maintain your skin's elasticity for long-lasting youthful beauty. More important you will actually feel the daily Botox® effect as all of the ingredients go into action to help your facial skin. Each ingredient in SAS Flower of Youth™ Facial Lift Spray is an active component offering a benefit to your skin and its safety.

SAS Pictures Below: It was just their first day of use and sprayed on just the right side. We think the difference is dramatic!

For even more SAS before and after pictures, click here.

Products that do not even produce the same kind of benefits often sell for $100 per ounce for a month supply. They use expensive packaging and pretty bottles to fool you into paying such an extravagant price. SAS Flower of Youth™ Facial Lift Spray is simply packaged. That is why we offer our product as follows:

$49.95 to Non Affiliates

$39.95 to Affiliates who choose monthly auto ship

When you read the Opportunity section, you will also see how you can have this product not only pay for itself, but also help you earn an extra income.

So whether you just want to have that age less facial appearance, get your product free or wish to earn, SAS Flower of Youth™ Facial Lift Spray is for you.

*Botox® is a Registered Trademark of Allergan.

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